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Faculty of Fine Arts invites you to participate in its 13rd International Conference

Creative and Technology Conference

Under the auspices of :

Prof / Mustafa Abd El- Nabi

Minia University President

Prof / Abu Bakr Mohi ELdeen

Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research

Prof / Mohammed Jalal

Vice President for Community Services and Environmental Development

Prof / Mohammed Ibrahim Hashem

Prof / Tarek Nabih Salem

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

Prof / Raafat El- Said Mansour

Vice Dean for Community Services and Environmental Development

Modern techniques is consider one of the most important influence that contributed in the development of modern art, as it allows a new horizons and a wider world which presented to us an artists with a creative vision which accompanied our modern life .

Despite the opposition of the artistes with a conservative vision in art but the link of creativity with technology has become a reality and influential in our world

President of the Conference

Prof / Mohammed Ibrahim Hashem

The 13rd International Conference Creative and Technology In the period from 15 to 17 April 2019

Objective of the conference

The conference aims at the importance of technological development and its relationship with creativity in the field of modern arts, which achieves the connection of civilization in the field of contemporary arts and opening the horizons for the civilized progress of the future so that the artist, designer and researcher highlights his vision and innovations which benefit society.

Themes of the conference

  • 1 - Applications of modern technology in architecture
  • 2 - Green cities and modern technology.
  • 3 - Modern technology and their applications in the field of monuments reparation.
  • 4 - Planning and its impact in historical and civilization heritage.
  • 5 - Visual creativity and technology.
  • 6 - Digital revolution between design and application
  • 7 - Arts of drama and technology.
  • 8- Multimedia technology and graphic design.
  • 9 - Interactive arts and modern technology
  • 10 - Creative values of digital arts.
  • 11 - Technological innovation between originality and contemporary.
  • 12- Techniques and modern methods of teaching in arts .
  • 13 - Creative values for Applied and Technology Arts.

Date of the conference

from 15 to 17 April 2019 .

Conditions of accepting researches

  • - The research should have the terms and criteria of scientific research.
  • - The research should not have been previously published.
  • - Studies and researches should be written in Arabic and English with a summary in Arabic or English.
  • - The first page should contains the title of the research written with dark 16 font text in the center of the page, then the name of the researcher , nick name and the place he is working in.
  • - Writing on computer, A4 paper with a maximum 20 pages in the Simplified Arabic font, with 14 letters, 16 thick lines, and the distance between lines 1.5, margins 3 cm from all sides.
  • For foreign research, write the Roman Times New 14.
  • - Taking into consideration the position of the images should be in the middle of the page and the data is written below.
  • - Each extra page is calculated with20 Egyptian pounds for Egyptian researchers and five dollars for researches from outside Egypt. The list of references is arranged alphabetically at the end of the research, including all references referred to in the text.

Deadline for accepting abstracts of the research 31 January 2019 - Deadline for accepting research 28 February 2019.

Fees for participation in the conference

  • For Egyptian researchers from outside the faculty 2000 pounds (including accommodation, internal transfers and traveling).
  • Egyptian researchers published without attendance 1200 pounds.
  • Researchers from inside the faculty 1200 pounds.
  • Egyptian researchers attend as a listener 900 pounds.
  • Researchers from outside Egypt attend and publish in the magazine $ 500.
  • Researchers from outside Egypt publishing without attendance of $ 300.
  • Researchers participating with a research paper without attendance 500 pounds.
  • Publication is for all participants in the scientific journal issued by the faculty (Journal of Arts and Humanities).

to contact with us

  • Mr / Hisham Mohammed Hamdy Tawfiq Alywa – National ID
  • Number: 26307232403213
  • Telephone number: 01000031919
  • E-mail: Farts.Journal@mu.edu.eg (Word - pdf) .